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2018-7 - ~~~~~ 上市公司-飞科技控股-金融
2016-4 - 2018-7 D轮独角兽创业公司- Jollychic

My dearest reader

Welcome to my blog. I doubt you got to it by accident. With any luck, you got to it because of a search result.

If so, I really hope I managed to answer any questions you may have had.

With any luck on your part and skill on mine, you not only had your question answered, but had questions you didn’t know you had get answered as well!

Not only that, but you stuck around long enough to visit this page and read about me. Thanks!

My name is, as the site title says, chengyangyang. I went to school for computers and ended up learning about business instead. Sure enough, I thought I knew what I needed to run a successful business.
I may have done alright, but it’s not for me. I need to be in front of a terminal emulator, not in front of a room full of people. That’s why I am where I am now.

I’m a Linux server administrator. I’m passionate about the work I do and strive to learn more every day. From time to time I will run into weird and peculiar issues that take a lot of effort to solve. Sometimes I get questions that I have answered many times before. My blog is my repository for solutions and answers.

My goal is to Keep IT DRY. Please check out that page for a complete description of what I mean. If you have something that I should add, let me know. I’m easy to find and always looking for new useful content!

Here’s my contact:

📬 yancyango[at]gmail.com

🐧 QQ@ WeChat:1165958741




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14年开始用的百家📖 iteye博客:https://yango.iteye.com -还有51CTO上面也有个人技术blog 现在统一已不更新了。